OpenPathology is a new project being built by the EBM DataLab at the University of Oxford.

There has been a rapid expansion in the ordering of blood tests over the last two decades.

At OpenPathology, we are setting out to bring all pathology data together, in one place, so that users can explore variation in the way that clinicians are ordering tests, and give useful feedback to doctors.

Who are you?

We are the team behind, an openly accessible tool for all NHS primary care prescribing data. On OpenPrescribing you can explore variation over time and place in prescribing for any individual drug, or class of drugs, right down to the level of individual practices. You can explore outliers, and see which practices are fast or slow to respond to changes in price, or changes in the evidence on safety and effectiveness. You can see standard dashboards for every practice and CCG, and subscribe to “prescribing alerts” driven by cutting edge data science techniques.

Why does this matter?

You can read our first paper on variation in test ordering and test results here.

Join Us!

We have a good team assembled. If you’d like to join us on OpenPathology, or want to hear more when we start to ship our tools, then please get in touch: [email protected]

We are always keen to hear from more:

...and anyone else wanting to improve and refine the use of diagnostic tests!